Electric Vehicle Guide

How does an electric vehicle work?

Our comprehensive exploration of Battery Electric Vehicles provides essential information to aid potential electric vehicle buyers in making informed decisions.

Discover the eco-friendly advantages of EVs, their unique battery-powered technology, and the game-changing features like regenerative braking and single-pedal driving.

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Benefits of an Electric Vehicle

We highlight the exciting benefits of EV ownership. Enjoy a smooth and serene driving experience with quiet electric motors and reduced vibrations. Be an eco-conscious driver as EVs produce zero tailpipe emissions, reducing air and noise pollution. Lower running costs, including charging and maintenance, make EVs an economical choice.

Embrace the future of transportation with an electric car and enjoy a greener, quieter, and more refined driving experience while contributing to a cleaner environment. Learn all about the perks of electric vehicles.

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Electric, hybrid, petrol & diesel explained & compared!

Expert EV Reviews

Choosing an Electric Vehicle

We showcase the magic of driving an electric car with its silent, punchy acceleration and freedom from petrol stations.

As a new electric car buyer, consider eight essential questions: your daily range needs, budget, charging options, acceleration preferences, manufacturer benefits, towing requirements, pre-cooling/heating preferences, and potential for camping use.

We highlight the increasing affordability of electric models and the importance of home charging to help you make a well-informed decision based on your needs and budget.

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Car Financing Calculator

Estimate your payments and find the perfect financing plan for your dream car. Simply provide the following details:

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Charging an Electric Vehicle

In this article, we present a comprehensive guide tailored to Australian buyers interested in electric vehicles (EVs) and their charging options. We delve into the two primary charging methods: AC charging for home and select public locations, and DC charging at fast-charging stations.

We explore the advantages and drawbacks of each method, delve into the various charging standards and plug designs used in Australia, and provide insight into the charging speeds associated with different chargers.

This guide will give you the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about your EV charging options, helping you to choose the best solution for home charging or when traveling on the road.

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Living with an Electric Vehicle

We explore the experience of owning an electric vehicle. We compare the initial allure of EVs with the practicalities of daily use.

Discover the real-life experience of owning an electric vehicle. We present a candid and practical perspective, delving into the initial allure of EVs.

We address the challenges, including range anxiety, the state of public charging infrastructure, and the need for careful planning during longer trips.

The environmental benefits of EVs and the satisfaction of contributing to a cleaner future. We touch upon the excitement of experiencing the impressive acceleration of EVs.

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1400km (870 mile) EV v Diesel challenge! There was just $5 between them...the results surprised!

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