Over the weekend, Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley Events ran its annual Tesla Takeover which featured a synchronised light show.

According to the event page, the light show was accompanied by The Final Countdown by Europe soundtrack.

A drone capturing the show from above caught what appears to be 52 cars forming the shape of a Tesla Cybertruck, as well as a series of Teslas lined up along the left-hand side of the screen.

Although the video posted to Twitter has no audio, the light display looks pretty impressive. Tesla Takeover 2023 was held in San Luis, California at the famous Madonna Inn.

According to the organiser’s Twitter account, the event was the “biggest Tesla event of the year”.

Tesarati reported the event was expecting to welcome around 2300 attendees this year.

Event organisers welcomed Teslas and other electric vehicle owners, with president of the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley posting a Rivian R1S to Twitter claiming the event was absolutely “fire”.

Another video posted by Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley shows an array of vehicles in attendance around the grounds; including several first-generation Tesla Roadsters, a Rivian R1S and RT1, a Ford F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E, a Porsche Taycan, and two Lucid Airs.

“It’s just the passion for Tesla when you drive these amazing vehicles, it really does change the way you look at what a car should be. But the Tesla community is very unique and different. I mean, people literally are coming to this event from all over the world,” president of Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley John Stringer told KSBY.

According to KSBY, Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley Events donated a portion of its proceeds to the 17 Strong not-for-profit charity organisation – which gives survivors of terminal illness the opportunity to experience a holiday or once-in-a-lifetime experience to celebrate victory over their disease.

KSBY reported that Tesla Takeover has donated $15,000 to 17 Strong.

Famous guest speakers including Maye Musk – mother of CEO Elon Musk – and Tesla YouTubers including Australian Ryan Cowan from Ryan’s Tesla Model Y were on the guest list.

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