We all love that new car smell when you pick up your brand new car from the dealership but we also know how quickly the feeling can fade when you have kids.

Whether you have a furbaby or a human baby, these are the car accessories you can thank us later for.

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Portable car bin

If you’ve ever owned a Skoda, you’ll recognise the handy door bin included in its vehicles.

This handy small bin is very similar to the one you’ll find in cars from the Simply Clever brand, and comes with easily removable coloured bags so there’s no excuse for rubbish left around the car.

Shop car door pocket bin

Air vent phone holder

These days, so many cars come standard with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which makes it so easy to lose your phone in gaps, or over on the passenger side floor.

This easy-to-use phone holder can hold your device by attaching to an air vent so it’s easy to reach when getting in and out of the car.

Shop air vent phone holder

Two-pack car seat protectors

If you’ve ever installed baby seats in your car and taken them out to find all the leftover after-school snacks smudged in your new leather seats, this pair of car seat protectors will come in handy.

The duo come standard with two pockets so you can even store the kids’ toys, snacks and juice boxes for those longer road trips to avoid being tapped on the shoulder at every corner.

Shop two pack car seat protectors

Four headrest hooks

Ever needed more floor space but always have too many bags? This four-pack of headrest hooks will free up additional leg and foot room for your passengers.

Shop four pack of headrest hooks

White small portable vacuum

Last month we showed you the best-selling vacuum on Amazon. However if that’s not to your liking, this vacuum is compact enough to fit in the drink bottle holder in your car door.

It comes with a decent battery life and can be recharged using a USB charger, which means you never have to take it out of the car.

Shop white portable vacuum

Velcro boot organiser

Traveling with kids always seems to involve carrying everything but the kitchen sink.

There are always little toys, knick-knacks and snacks lying around the car, but this handy and easily removable boot organiser can keep everything off the floor and tidy.

It’s perfect to also store items that you don’t use everyday like a first-aid kit and tyre repair equipment.

Shop Velcro boot organiser

Rear-facing baby mirror

These days child seats are allowing children to stay rear-facing for longer. Sometimes it’s not as easy as turning your head to check on your little one while you’re stopped at a red light.

Having a rear-facing mirror therefore comes in handy, allowing you to see through your rear-view mirror and keep your eyes facing forward and towards the road.

Shop rear-facing baby mirror

Let us know in the comments below what your favourite aftermarket accessories are.

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